C-SDSU SmartDSU – rush 2 day


C-SDSU SmartDSU (For Toyota openpilot)

This option is default as RUSH 2 DAY option, will be send out within 2 days with USPS first class shipping.

All the electronic components on this device are AEC-Q100 & AEC-Q200 qualified.

All the connecting parts are from original equipment manufacturers.

Assembled in Canada. 3D printed case with ASA automotive grade and UV resistant plastic.

**If you are living outside NorthAmerica, please dm me your address in your language & formate (Korean/ Japanese/ Chinese, etc) I will enclose it on the package to ensure delivery**

**You can also get a DFU key for future firmware updates, or you can come back later when you need them.

There is an option for discounted DFUkey if you purchase with a SDSU (purchase with pedal)**


What is SmartDSU:

TL;DR: SmartDSU enabling openpilot longitudinal control without removing AEB.

For complete detail, read this -> https://github.com/wocsor/panda/tree/smart_dsu


What is included:

1 SmartDSU  (The mainboard)

2 Connector pre-assembled and Wired (Male and Female type)

1 3D Printed Case


We will flash new firmware which current order.

Each unit will be tested for 30 mins on the highway and local on a 2016 Toyota Prius before shipping.


The difference in shipping time:

1. RUSH! – 2 day – dispatch within the next 2 days (weekdays only)

Test the pedal on the day of ordering and drop it off at the post office the next business day.

2. One Week – dispatch the next Friday

Test the pedal in the week of ordering and drop it off at the post office the next week Friday day.


【Return Policy】

If you would like to return the pedal (unopened/ unwanted, the product is not broken),  please contact us to ship it to the specific address. And we will need to charge a $20 handling fee.

Thank you for your understanding.




SDSU only adds longitudinal control to your existing openpilot setup.

The Wiring is as-is. The listing will not guaranty working for your car.

Please confirm that the wiring fits your car before purchase.

This product is only rated for off-road use.

Any accident or damage caused by this product is at the buyer’s own risk.

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